The VakantieBlaadjes application will not run properly under XP or Vista

The issue
You start the applicaton but are unable to enter the name of the child.

The startup screen appears as follows:

 instead of  

The application has a hard coded link to the file c:\spelers.dat, if it cannot write this file then the application starts but you cannot enter the name of children (see picture above). This is an issue on XP/Vista if you are not running the program with administrator rights (which is a bad idea).

A number of solutions present themselves:

  1. Change the filename embedded in the application .exe from c:\spelers.dat to .\spelers.dat
  2. Or, run the program with administrator privileges (bad idea).

Here are the changes to make the VakantieBlaadjes application work under a non-admin account on Windows XP or Vista.

  1. Copy the contents of the VakantieBlaadjes CD to a directory like My Documents\VakantieBlaadjes
  2. Edit the .exe file as follows, using winhex ( or any other hex editor.