Assorted Tools and Utilities

This is a small collection of tools to handle various jobs, if you find them useful then you are welcome to copy/distribute as you see fit.

Internet Security Status A global view of the alert status of the internet in respect to malware, viruses and attacks Note: uses Javascript & Java
Password Generator A standalone password generator that can be saved as a file and used wherever required. It does not require connectivity to the internet and does not send anything it generates outside of your browser. Note: uses Javascript
URL/Javascript Coder/Decoder Universal URL and javascript decoder. Use the exisitng routines or roll your own just by pasting it into the relevent boxes. Note: uses Javascript
HTML Colour code finder Easy way to find HTML colour codes and blend your own colours Note: uses Javascript
Funny 404 Error message A Funny 404 error message in Flash Note: uses javascript
Fortune Cookies Random Fortune Cookies (refresh to see another)
PDU Control Library A library for command line access to IP based Power Distribution Units (PDUs).
You will also find command line references for Aviosys (IP Power 9258) and DigiPower (Amazing PDU) devices
Note: bash script
010 Editor scripts and templates Scripts and templates I've written for "010 Editor" Note: requires "010 Editor"
Sytos Plus backup recovery An "010 Editor" template for recovering tape backups originally made with Sytos Plus (DOS/OS2).
Instructions on how to retrieve the backup from tape are included in the comments of the template. Two samples of tape images from different tape devices are provided here to validate the template.
sample1 sample2
Man-in-the-Middle Bridge A Man-In-The-Middle Bridge (MIBR) is a device with multiple network ports that you insert between the victim computer and the network port. It has multiple uses including Incident Response, network inspection and injection, pentesting and NAC bypass. Note: bash script
RJ45 Console Cable to DB9 serial pinout This shows how to make a cable for the RJ45 console port found on many network devices. The pinout and wiring are known to work on Cisco, Ubiquiti (EdgeXXXXX and Unifi), Juniper and Zyxel devices. Note: Pinout / cable

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